Friday, November 7, 2014


Regina lay in bed on her back with her feet pressed against the wall. Every so often she would put enough pressure against the wall that her back would arch upward. With her body strained she would press on her stomach to see if she could feel anything. She knew this wasn’t a scientific process, but she simply couldn’t stand the waiting.

Two weeks before, after a terrible day at work where her boss reprimanded her twice for making the coffee too strong (which it wasn’t even), she whispered something into her lover’s ear. He said nothing, but she slowly slipped off his condom and pulled him closer. In that moment, she knew she was becoming a better, stronger woman. She smiled when she felt him relieve himself inside of her.

Regina was quite nervous about the whole process. She had always been a bit of a prude. She had only slept with three men and had enjoyed it (as much as she could) with only one, her current lover, Jesse. She rarely drank, and she’d only been drunk twice. She absolutely hated both experiences and found herself uncontrollably irritated whenever someone would get a bit too loud, a bit too fun at a bar.